I moved to make my first very cautious movement out into the blog world, to actually POST a comment on another person’s blog – a friend’s blog! I was going to be poetic! Erudite! Quite charming, if nothing else. And thoughtful. Very thoughtful.

I started my response to my friend’s blog – each line like poetry, and careful cadence and just a dash of nuance… and insightful! So very, very insightful!

And then hit the wrong key and accidently erased the entire thing. Not insightful, so very insightful – just an idiot, so very idiotic.

And when I thought about it, what I had to say, what I’d been trying to say, so very poetically was perhaps not poetic at all.

Drat. Back to Square ONE.


4 thoughts on “Moving out into the blog world and not quite succeeding

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